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ACDIMA BioCenter pharmacy is a secured suitable infrastructure found within the premises of BioCenter used to stock a large range of Investigational medicinal product (IMP), Investigational medicinal device product (IMDP), and non-investigational medicinal product (NIMP) used in clinical trials, considering the criticality of special storage requirements to maintain quality of these medicinal products such as humidity, temperature, etc.

The overall area of pharmacy is 51.70 m2, separated physically into three zones as the following:

  • Zone A contains 18 locked cabinets to store drugs with non-special conditions.

  • Zone B contains 29 locked cabinets to store Beta-lactam antibiotics.

  • Zone C contains 29 locked cabinets to store controlled substances (psychoactive & narcotics).

ACDIMA BioCenter pharmacy is supported by many features and quality systems to maintain the pharmacy secure and under controlled conditions:

1. Access controlled facility system:

Access to ACDIMA BioCenter pharmacy is limited to authorized pharmacist only to provide a high level of security since the doors are locked by physical key, and with a magnetic card reader to allow restricted access for authorized pharmacist only.

2. Rotronic Monitoring system:

This system is programmed to record the temperature and humidity of pharmacy zones automatically (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and send alarm SMS and emails to the assigned person in case of any temperature or humidity excursion from acceptance criteria.

3. Electrical system:

A distribution board was installed at the edge of the outer wall of the pharmacy this board was designed as a dual electrical source to provide power for the pharmacy zone.


4. Firefighting system:

Pharmacy is supplied with a standard fire extinguisher and smoke detectors that are placed throughout pharmacy zones and used according to national regulations.


5. Medicine compounding cabinet:

This cabinet was installed in ACDIMA BioCetner pharmacy in order to provide GMP conditions for non-sterile medications dispensing and allocation. Cabinet usage ensures proper handling of medicine in a clean environment since the cabinet is equipped with a technology that facilitates air purification.


6. Lighting:

Lighting plan for pharmacy use surface mounted LED lighting fixture and sodium lamps for light-sensitive IMP and NIMP.

7. Synchronized Clock:

ACDIMA BioCenter pharmacy has a synchronized clock manufactured by Inova Soluations, Inc., and its sync to a domain controller (SNTP).

8. Pest control:

We contract out the pest control procedures with a specialized and expert company to regularly (once a month) inspect and treat crawling insects, in addition to these pest control procedures, ACDIMA BioCenter pharmacy has insect electrocuting light traps “bug zappers”, hanging electric girds that attract flying insects via a bright fluorescent or ultraviolet light.

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