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ACDIMA Center for Bioequivalence and Pharmaceutical Studies

International Review Board (IRB)


During the 20th century, research involving human subjects became more common, and in the absence of the role of human rights organizations, the most basic rights of individuals were violated, and serious harm was done to them, leaving a tragic stain in the history of research.


Each tragedy led to the establishment of respective regulations in favor of human ethics. Every stage in clinical research development represented an initial step to protect human rights safety and wellbeing of human subjects.

The current regulations and policies are the corrective actions in response to past tragedies.


international Review Board (IRB) is an independent body established to protect human research participants. The purpose of an IRB is to safeguard the rights, safety, and well–being of all human research participants.

The IRB generally serves one purpose: Human subjects who participate in any type of research deserve to be treated with the utmost respect for their rights and dignity, and they should be protected from any undue harm during their participation in research. 


ACDIMA BioCenter international review board (IRB) is composed of eight nine caliber members who strictly apply and follow the international standards and regulation.

Each member has a unique role to assess the ethical merit, review the study protocol, and monitor any activity involving human participants to ensure their rights, safety, and welfare are met.

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