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Criticality and Resilience


Paxton doors access system is used in ACIDMA BioCenter where all areas of ACIDMA BioCenter are controlled-access which allows access only to authorized staff to permitted zones by Central control of privileges. In addition to “4 M.B and 12 M.B” surveillance IP cameras to keep all facilities secured.

Electrical Generator

QSX15-G8 Cummins 500 KVA Electrical Generator is used in ACIDMA BioCenter, QSX15-G8 is a heavy-duty diesel electrical generator with 24-valve dual overhead camshaft technology. It is applied and used for supplying power with a powerful utility source to varying electrical loads during power interruption within 10 seconds of starting time.

Uninterruptible power supply “UPS’s”

The electrical supplies in ACDIMA BioCenter are all connected to Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system to prevent sudden power failure of electrical current (for up to 15 minutes) until the electrical generator starting up and to avoid drop voltage, over-voltage, current fluctuation, where ACDIMA BioCenter has 18 UPS (3 KVA), 5 UPS (4 KVA), 18 UPS (6 KVA) and 3 UPS (10 KVA). Emergency standby electrical generators are also installed to compensate for any power failure not met by the UPS.

Firefighting system

ACIDMA BioCenter building provided with GST200-2/1 Intelligent Fire Alarm; GST200-2/1 Intelligent Fire Alarm is designed to comply with EN 54-2 standard with qualities of simple installation, operation, and easy maintenance. It is used in a fire alarm system with the following features: 
It controls at most 30 zones. Each zone has its own alarm, fault/disable LEDs, and a label, maximum two class A loops. The first loop can have up to 235 addressable devices, and the second up to 242 devices.It is compatible with a series of addressable GST products, which are intelligent sounder, rate of rising and fixed temperature heat detector, photoelectric smoke detector, intelligent manual call point, intelligent reflective beam detector, input, and output module, and loop isolator. Also, ACIDMA BioCenter building provided with 70 fire extinguishers of different type are distributed in the building to cover all area in ACIDMA BioCenter.

Air Compressor

Two oil-free air compressors manufactured by Atlas Copco are used in ACIDMA BioCenter. one of them is the LF10 model, piston type with 15 l/s flow rate and 10 bar air pressure, another one is central compressor ZT22VSD model, screw-type with 47.4 l/s flow rate and 10 bar air pressure to provide two types of nitrogen generator from Peak Scientific with compressed air where ACIDMA BioCenter has six (MS TABLE -1N and MS TABLE -1) and two (Infinity 1034) which provide AB Sciex Triple Quad, Q Trap or IVD MS systems with Ultra-high purity clean and dry nitrogen (99.999%) N2.

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 13.23.02.png
Synchronized clocks

All working areas in ACDIMA BioCenter have Synchronized clocks, where there are 24 Synchronized clocks distributed in the working areas to sync to Domain controller (SNTP) also all the machines are synchronized with the same SNTP to Synchronized clocks to facilitate standardized times entries.

Storage area

ACDIMA BioCenter area contains eight freezers -70°C, thirteen freezers -20°C and four refrigerators to store samples upon their collection, analysis, and for long term storage. All of these freezers and refrigerators are connected with a Rotronic monitoring system programmed to record temperature for all freezers and refrigerators every 30 min and programmed to alert assigned staff members of excursions by sending SMS and E-mail.


Additionally, all biological and chemical wastes are retained separately under conditions minimizing their hazards of contamination and side reactions. The retention rooms are well-ventilated and conditioned to maintain the storage conditions suitable until their disposal.

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