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Clinical Services


Patients’ safety and data accuracy are our key pillars at ACDIMA. We believe in making each volunteer feel cared for and given the highest level of safety. We are fully equipped with every amenity a volunteer would need to participate in the study with safety and comfort


ACDIMA provides world-class studies management and implementation services:

  • Initiating studies by evaluating the needs in the pharmaceutical field with the consultation of medical experts.

  • Timely acquisition of required approvals from the Institutional review board (IRB)  as well as local and international regulatory authorities through utilizing our resources and the skills of our experienced intermediaries.

  • Efficient recruitment system that includes a nationally inclusive database of more than 8,000 healthy volunteers selected through a well-orchestrated screening process that guarantees the implementation of the highest eligibility requirements.

  • Committed staff to prevent and reduce the risks arising during the research process, and gather accurate data to ensure delivering high-quality and human-centered health services.

Our clinical site is equipped with:


Well-equipped and comfortable 60-bed dormitories & 10-bed clinical ward.


Multiple dosing and phlebotomy station.


A recreational lounge.


On-site processing laboratory equipped with -70 and -20 °C storage freezers.


Synchronized clocks to facilitate standardized time entries.


A dedicated screening area with physical examination and sample collection rooms.


A roomy dining hall.


Well-equipped ICU-ER unit with access to closest hospital ICUs.


A Secured pharmacy with delicately controlled environment.


Walk-In freezers with temperature monitoring and alarm system, for long-term storage of study samples.

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