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ACDIMA BioCenter archiving room is a well-secured area that has a suitable infrastructure extended over about 120 m2 within the premises of the ACDIMA BioCenter. It has been used to store historical records and documents at least for 10 years or as specified in the study relevant protocol whenever is longer, considering the criticality of special storage requirements such as humidity, temperature, water leakage …etc.

It’s not designed to meet space requirements only, but also to ensure a monitored environment and the necessary security to protect the critical documents and data that resides within by using an intelligent alarm and monitoring system for temperature, humidity, water leakage integrated with smoke detectors and standard fire extinguisher according to national regulations.

Archives has an electronic archiving system integrated with the manual archiving in order to have a soft copy as a backup for original historical records and documents. With a sufficient number of robust mobile shelves for storing historical records and documents.


ACDIMA BioCenter archives are access-controlled facility limited to authorized staff only. This secure storage area’s design includes doors locked by a limited number of physical keys also a magnetic card reader in order to increase security to allow restricted access for authorized staff only.


Archives design doesn’t contain any window which is the best prevention to keep the storage facility secured from the entry of rodents and other pests. As well as the pest control visits from a specialized and expert company for regular inspection and prevention of crawling insects.

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