Bioanalytical Services


Our laboratories of the bioanalytical unit are equipped with:

  • LC-MC/MS systems:
    • Three systems AB Sciex API 4500.
    • Five systems AB Sciex API 4000.
  • HPLC systems:
    • Four Waters HPLC systems with UV Detectors and FL Detectors with automated 96-well autosamplers.
  • Watson™ LIMS for secure data processing & warehousing.
  • Refrigerated centrifuges.
  • Milli Q water.
  • Microbalance & ultramicrobalance.
  • Access to organic synthesis suppliers, which insures that the necessary metabolites and internal standards including labelled compounds are available to conduct the most demanding studies.
  • All study samples are stored in controlled freezers (-20°C and -70°C) and continuously monitored with 24-hour mobile-call alarms; and supported by a standby generator & UPS system.
  • Maintenance of high quality standards as required by GLP principles.